• Latest Products

    Taut Wire Lightweight Taut Wire DP Reference Sensor

    Compact design (lower transport costs)

    Fits inside a standard ISO shipping container.

    Low overall weight (Reduces transport cost)

    Quick and easy mobilization

    Operational depth up to 400 meters

    Up to 700 M of stored rope available.

    No air requirements

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  • Latest Products

    SeaCELL Intelligent Subsea Battery Pack

    36Ah, 26.4V NiMH rechargeable subsea battery pack

    Automatic charge and over-discharge management

    Battery over/under temperature monitoring/ protection

    Output over-current protection

    1000m & 3000m options

    Hard Anodised Aluminium housing

    Automatic Pressure Vent

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  • Latest Products

    SeaTEXT Subsea Display

    High visibility under water

    Highly configurable by user

    Adjustable brightness display

    High efficiency

    Low power requirement

    3000m rated as standard

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  • Latest Products


    AC or DC power input

    25VDC regulated output

    Up to 30minutes hold-up time

    Load start up mode

    3000m depth rated

    Intelligent battery management

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  • Latest Products

    Optimal Ranging ORION Pipe and Cable Tracker

    ROV, Towed or vessel mounted deployment

    2, 4 or 6 sensor configuration

    Active and passive cable detection

    2000m depth rated

    Compatible with EIVA, QINSy and HYPACK hydrographic software

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Subsea Technology & Rentals specialise in the design and manufacture of advanced subsea technology for the offshore energy industry. STR is also a global leader in the rental of marine equipment to support the offshore survey, IRM, subsea construction and renewable sectors.     

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